Jizerka 11

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Accommodation Terms & Conditions for Chalet Jizerka No. 11

  • These terms & conditions were written by the owners of the property – Vrkoslav Family.
  • The contact address is Vrkoslav Milan, Podhorská 22, 466 01 Jablonec nad Nisou, Liberec County, Czech Republic, mobile: + 420 723 666 491, landline: +420 483 319 685.
  • Every guest of the chalet Jizerka No. 11 is obliged to respect the terms & conditions hereby written.
  • It is prohibited smoking and use of open flames in all the indoor areas, except heating in solid fuel stoves. It is prohibited to dry clothes or anything else on the heaters/stoves. Hood dryers placed over the stove can be used only under the adult supervision. Every guest is obliged to apply the safety and fire-fighting measures when using the solid fuel heating stoves. The fire extinguisher is located in the corridor.
  • The first and last dates of the stay depend on the agreement with the landlord.
  • At the end of the stay the guests are obliged to do the final cleaning and put rooms to their original states.
  • Guests shall not carry out any facility modifications, repairs; interfere with electricity network or other distributions, risking potential injuries.
  • It is forbidden to use own electrical appliances designed for heating or cooking.
  • Guests are obliged to recycle waste and sort it according to positioned containers.
  • For security reasons, it is not allowed to leave children under 15 years of age unattended in accommodation and outdoor areas surrounding the chalet.
  • Guests are obliged to close windows, check water taps and turn off all the lights when leaving the room. In winter, it is not allowed to open the windows in order to decrease the temperature in the rooms.
  • In the time from 10 pm to 6 am all the guests are obliged to respect the night-time silence.
  • It is not allowed to take the sports equipment for which another place is reserved (skis and sleds in the entrance hall, bicycles in the shed, etc.).
  • Each guest stays at of the chalet at his/her own risk. In case of emergency the guests are obliged to call the public medical service and find the relevant medical assistance or transport to the hospital (Medical Emergency 155, Mountain Rescue Service 1210). No insurance is provided from the side of landlords to the guests. It is responsibility of every guest to be insured.
  • Entry to animals into housing areas (rooms, kitchen, bathroom and lounge) is prohibited.
  • Any damages caused to chalet property is guest responsibility according to applicable regulations.
  • For any complaints and suggestions write or call on jizerka11@jizerka.net, Mobile: +420 723 666 491.

  • Prices for accommodation are stated on www.jizerka.net. The final binding price is the agreed price between landlord and guests.
  • Booking fee is 50 % of the price. Paid on IBAN: CZ9030300000001121374054 Air Bank CZ (EUR).

When you cancel your stay, the following cancellation fees are applied:

twenty-one to forty days in advance 10 % prices of stay
eleven to twenty days in advance 20 % prices of stay
two to ten days in advance 40 % prices of stay
unexcused cancellation – full advance payment 50 % prices of stay
For partial cancellation we consider even shortening of your stay. In case the landlord gets an equivalent compensation, the cancellation fee is not charged.